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Heather Savage – March 24, 2018 – Music Reviews, Single

“Truth Seeker” is new single and video from Americana/country singer and musician Jiggley Jones. Jones released his first EP No Spring Chicken in the fall of 2012. Recorded in parts of small town Pennsylvania as well as Los Angeles, he relocated his operation for his 2014 breakthrough release A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light which garnered additional and valuable exposure thanks to the song “Baby Blue” becoming available for karaoke and gaining him excellent press and a spot on 2014’s Top 100 Americana Records of the Year. Signed to Lamon Records and helmed in the control room by Dave Moody the EP was an underground smash that has set the stage for his debut LP, Not Your Typical Day Out.

While the impending release of the album continues to keep music fans on the edge, “Truth Seeker” will not only spark your attention as the lead-off single but will also captivate music fans with its instantly infectious charm. Featuring grand, layered instrumentation that revolves only around acoustic guitar, cello and viola, Jones’ intoxicating and enchanting voice weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of powerful vocal melodies, free-form phrasings and subtle but neatly combed harmony work. Jiggley chose to produce this one himself and he does a great job on the recording with additional mixing help from the legendary Phil Nicolo, this track is a picture perfect snapshot of what Not Your Typical Day Out will have to offer. The verses wrestle with a bit of a lyrical struggle in which the main character is wandering and roaming to find the answers to life but in the end things get straightened out and they are able to come to some peace over the process of life. It’s a literal hero’s journey with a happy ending for those that never give up, brought to life by the poignant playing, production and composition of Jiggley Jones himself.

The video stars a young woman who appears marooned in the woods and trying to find a way out frantically looking for clues on the crumbled pieces of paper that she carries with her. She sojourns the wilderness, the outskirts of an industrial city wasteland and the town itself before ending up back where she started. It is here at the beginning that she founds out the truth was where she began all along and she revels in happiness as the video comes to a close. The concept, execution and photography are unique with multiple metaphors; the entire search seeming to mimic the course of life itself…beginning/birth, confusion/chaos/the hero’s quest/discovery/peace/end and death. This is a wonderful piece of work and you really feel for the character as her story moves along at a brisk and ever-changing pace.

“Truth Seeker” is a fantastic musical piece with an excellent accompanying video. There is meaning in both outlets to be found and it’s why this entire pairing comes off as vivid and vital in today’s musical climate (where things are too quickly becoming easy come and easy go). Jiggley Jones will be around a long, long time to come and have a wonderfully successful career. Just wait and see!


By: John McCall

Jiggley Jones’ new album is called Not Your Typical Day Out and it’s a very fitting moniker for the soulful, unique folk/roots music that Jones has coined since day one. Beginning his official musical career in 2007; the journey has aligned him with industry greats such as Shania Twain bandleader Terry Wendt, bassist/producer Chris Tristram (Capitol Records recording artist and ex-bassist for Jack White) and number of other big players in the country music and folk scene. He’s also had the honor of touring and playing a number of huge events including the CMA Fest and the Dewey Beach Music Conference.

With a pair of EP releases under his belt, Jones’ has already built up his career into a force of nature and thanks to the popularity of his second release, A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light, he finds himself with plenty of momentum going into his first full-length outing. “Truthseeker” is the debut single from the upcoming release and Jiggley even filmed a music video to go along with the content. In terms of musicality, those that have yet to stumble upon the singer/guitarist/songwriter’s music will probably not be in the dark much longer. This single is the kind of stuff that breaks a climbing artist big with its underscoring of exotic strings coupled to Jones’ limber acoustic guitar lines and thoughtful stream of consciousness lyrics that just come rolling out his pipes effortlessly, melodically and beautifully. With the durable chorus and a message of seeking and finding (something that’s lost on a lot of people in these treacherous times), this song begins in a wilderness thicket of contemplation that finds resolution as the story unfolds and the listener themselves basks in the song’s glory. Written and produced by Jiggley Jones with mixing/mastering handled by the storied Phil Nicolo, the song sounds great from top to bottom.

The video heightens the lyrical presentation and theme of the song. At first beginning like the Blair Witch Project, we soon stumble upon a young girl who is lost; lost in the woods and also lost in life. She goes on a question to find her own personal truths, including a book that explains them all to her. What begins as a desperate and panicked quest, finds peaceful resolution that sees the young woman satisfied, happy and content in the end (a huge change from her earlier, anxiety-stricken self).

When coupled with the video, “Truthseeker” is the complete package and generates endless excitement for Jiggley Jones’ upcoming record. The musical quality of his work emanates from his every pore and the song is alive, teeming even with gorgeous vocal melodies, shimmering acoustic guitars and some very elegant flourishes. While the video was probably shot on a small budget, it’s better than pretty much every mainstream music video I’ve seen in memory and actually has an effective set-up, intriguing storyline and beautiful, woodsy scenery. You couldn’t ask for much more out of this song and it’s going to be a pleasure to hear the full-length outing.


Make Music Nashville And The Nashville Music Scene Welcomes Performances By Acclaimed Country/Americana Artist Jiggley Jones

For Immediate Release

Nashville, TN [June 19, 2018]
As the summer solstice comes upon us, the festivities scheduled for the first day of Summer in Nashville, Tennessee couldn’t be more exciting. Make Music Nashville, a once a year festival returns to downtown Nashville and the surrounding area. The event features musical performances from artists in almost every genre of music from country and indie rock to bluegrass, Americana to folk, from music students to professional artists and everything in between.

This year’s Make Music Nashville Festival will feature some of the highest profile and most accomplished musicians from around the country. One of which is Nashville recording artist Jiggley Jones.

Jones is an award-winning singer/songwriter in the alternative-country/folk/Americana genres of music. With three successful albums under his belt, Jones is recognized as one of the most accomplished and unique singer/songwriters emerging today. His music paints a picture and also demonstrates a distinguishable commercial edge that still, never caters to the listeners. His new single Truth Seeker is a listen for music lovers with a discernible taste for original, yet not necessarily typical mainstream songs. Jones will always be himself, and nobody else.

Jiggley Jones will be performing two shows at the festival’s most popular and interesting venues. Both shows are on the 21st of June running at staggered time slots throughout the day’s events. The first 45-minute show will take place at the “Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum” located at 401 Gay Street in Nashville. Jone’s performance begins at 10:00 AM ( The Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum honors all musicians regardless of genre or instrument. The MHOF timeline starts with the beginning of recorded music and inductees are nominated by current members of the American Federation of Musicians and by other music industry professionals.

Jone’s next show later that same day will be held at the famous “Yazoo Brewing Company” ( located at 910 Division Street in Nashville at 4:15 PM. His set there will also run for 45 minutes.

In October 2003, Yazoo Brew opened its doors and began selling kegs of Yazoo Pale Ale, Dos Perros, Spring Wheat, and Onward Stout to local bars and restaurants, quickly gaining an enthusiastic local following. The little brewery grew and grew until they couldn’t fit any more equipment in the building.

Make Music Nashville (MMN) exists to give Nashvillians of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds a chance to take part in public, cross-genre music-making. They do this through their flagship summer event, “Make Music Nashville,” a festival of free outdoor concerts throughout Nashville every June 21.

Make Music Nashville, founded in 2014, seeks to become a valued tradition throughout Nashville. To reach this goal each year, MMN partners with numerous community organizations and local businesses to present over 100 free concerts for audiences, giving countless musicians the opportunity to perform for friends, neighbors, and strangers on streets, parks, and plazas throughout the region.

“Make Music Nashville” is probably one of the most suitable festivals for the unique and original talents of an artist such as Jiggley Jones. The intimate setting will offer the event-goers and music lovers an opportunity to get up-front and personal with Jones and experience his outgoing funny personality and showmanship, accompanied by his awesome songs. A moment they are sure not to soon forget. To find out more about this incredible musician and entertainer you can head over to his official website

“Make Music Nashville” Official Website:

An intimate interview with Jiggley Jones from Mid-Tennessee Music:

Sample Music from Jiggley Jone’s Latest Album:

Award-Winning Alternative Folk/Americana Singer Songwriter Jiggley Jones Releases New Full Length Album “Not Your Typical Day Out”

New York, NY (Top40 Charts) The new CD, Not Your Typical Day Out, from Jiggley Jones exemplifies the completely unique songwriting and vocal style that has been his consonant trademark over many years. As a diverse musician, it can at times be difficult to define a specific genre. From alternative country, Americana, folk, adult contemporary, to rock, his differing musical techniques delight listeners at every juncture of the musical experience.

This is precisely how the title of the new release came about. “Not Your Typical Day Out” essentially symbolizes the distinguishable sound that is undeniably Jiggley Jones; a musical niche that is Not Your Typical Day Out. The album showcases Jones’ rare and uncommon vocal style and emotional lyrics; all of which exhibit his uncanny ability to finesse his fans and listeners into a state of chimera and reflection. All of the songs on this album mirror the man’s personal point of view on life, human nature, and hope, from someone who has been there and done that. Jones leaves no stone unturned with the subject matter of the ten songs on this record.

Here is an original CD that is an assortment of songs that are essentially not tied to each other lyrically or musically in any way other than displaying the highly identifiable sound of Jiggley Jones. Each song has a meaning of its own behind it.

Danger Island done in a playful way refers to the fear that a parent has when sending their kid out into the crazy world we live in. Wide Awake is a love song describing the feeling of an awakening based off of how exciting it can be. Vibrant is about the kids and how they can drive you crazy, but at the end of the day, you’d have it no other way. Del Alma is a nice little love song that means “soul mate” in Spanish. That Pearl refers to each person having that one thing in life that matters the most to them no matter how different that is from the next guy. Warm is all about the importance of family. Gray is a darker song about the unavoidable realities of life and our mortality. Flow Meet me at the waterhole. A figurative look at survival and how a thing as simple as water can bring continued life. Restless can be a somewhat confusing song about a person that has a false hope that their lover is coming back to them. Maybe they are, maybe they’re not. And the finale on the disk – Rain – quite simply, nothing is more relaxing than a lazy, rainy day. So as you can see, each song means something different but the musical style and vocals are all undeniably Jiggley Jones.

Previously charting on the Roots music report, New Music Weekly Internet Country Charts, and many others with previous records, Not Your Typical Day Out is destined to repeat that success and much more. Already spawning 70,000 streams on Spotify, the record is rapidly gaining major radio and music media interest day by day. Jiggley Jones epitomizes the spirit and talent of a true artist. Writing, singing, and performing award-winning songs, he is here to stay. He has already grown to be one of the most popular artists on the East Coast and beyond. It’s only a matter of a short time until he reaches that pivotal point in his career that puts him at the very top – where he belongs.

His new album “Not Your Typical Day Out” can be purchased on iTunes.

Jiggley Jones Music

“Full length release “A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light” features showcase single “Walk On Me,” a gently percolating tour de force that showcases the tender side of his persona alongside a bold vocal performance that is both heartbreaking and reassuring… Hitworthy and potent, this is a “Walk” worth hearing.”     – Chuck Taylor, former Billboard Magazine Sr. Editor –   “Jones represents an old school/fresh new voice in modern rock and presents strong messages that are at times mildly depressing, but melodic and highly entertaining in the same light.”     – RJ Frometa, Vents Magazine –   “Jiggley Jones breathes, writes and performs melody. Therefore the equation is simple. People will listen.“     –  Rick Jamm, Jamshere Magazine –  

Jiggley Is Nominated For 2015 New Music Awards!

New music awards nominees 2015MTS Management Group is proud to announce their clients, Hicks, Jiggley Jones, Matt Williams and Alyssa Morrissey, Western Avenue, Bradford Loomis and Beth Whitney, and Whiskey and Cigarettes (W&C) radio, have been nominated for the 2015 New Music Awards. Hicks, Williams and Morrissey, Western Avenue, and Loomis and Whitney have all been nominated for Best New Country Group.  Jiggley Jones has been nominated for Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year. He was nominated for two New Music Awards in the Adult Contemporary categories, last year.  Whiskey and Cigarettes (W&C) is nominated for Best Internet Radio Station.  Other country music nominees include Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum and Band Perry. The annual New Music Awards are given for excellence in music to both recording artist and radio stations, by New Music Weekly magazine. First round nominations are submitted by members of the press, radio, music industry and fans, with the top performing nominees being selected for the final ballot. Voting for the winners is underway at
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Jiggley Makes No Depression’s Top 100 Best Albums Of 2014 Reader’s Poll

no depressionMTS Management Group is happy to announce Ed Roman and Jiggley Jones have made the Top 100 of No Depression’s Best Albums of 2014 Reader’s Poll. Ed Roman’s Letters From High Latitudes (#75, MTS Records) and Jiggley Jones’ …A Mountain, a Struggle, a Tunnel, a Light…(#78, Lamon Records Nashville) bookended releases from John Mellencamp (#76, Plain Spoken) and Miranda Lambert (#77, Platinum.) They also ranked higher than Top 100 releases by Neil Young, Johnny Cash, and Blackberry Smoke. This is the first appearance on the prestigious list for both Roman and Jones.
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Jiggley Is Featured On New Chaos Music Compilation, “Indie Country Songbook Vol. 1”

indie country songbookMTS Management Group is pleased to announce that Jiggley Jones is featured on Indie Country Songbook Vol. 1, a compilation from Chaos Music/Western Wranglers. Jones’ track, “Baby Blue,” which originally appeared on his debut EP, No Spring Chicken, is among 25 tracks on the collection, released on November 14, 2014. The compilation features tracks from Jones, Joe Farren, Dixie Still, Cathouse Thursday, and other independent country artists.  The release is available for digital download through Amazon.
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Jiggley Is American Veterans Radio’s “Spotlight Artist” Next Week!

avradioBeginning this Sunday, November 30th, Lamon Records Nashville recording artist and award-winning americana singer/songwriter, Jiggley Jones is American Veterans Radio’s Spotlight Artist of the Week! Jiggley recently received the IMEA Award for AC Song of the Year, “Walk On Me.”  He is currently charting on New Music Weekly, IndieWorld and Roots Music Report airplay charts.  The veteran owned internet radio outlet is playing several of Jiggley’s songs, as well as featuring him on their Spotlight page. American Veterans Radio is currently the fastest growing and most popular Veteran-owned and operated radio station on the internet. AVR’s Mission Statement is “to bring a small piece of home to our Military Veterans wherever they may be, to recognize our 1st Responders for being available 24/7, spotlighting the wonderful talents of the Indie Artist and last but surely not least, bringing great tunes to our Listeners Worldwide – Live!”  Be sure to visit their website and support this fantastic station!!

Award-winning Americana Singer/Songwriter, Jiggley Jones Begins Work On New Album

amg heritage awardsLamon Records Nashville recording artist and award-winning singer/songwriter, Jiggley Jones announced on Sunday, that he is beginning writing songs for his next album project.  Jiggley took to social media to announce his return to writing mode, for the follow-up to his successful 2014 release, …A Mountain, a Struggle, a Tunnel, a Light…That album, produced by Grammy winner, Dave Moody, included the International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA) Award-winning Best AC song, “Walk On Me.”
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Jiggley Jones Donates Track To “Spirit Of December Vol. 4” Charity Album Release

spirit of decemberMTS Management Group is happy to announce Lamon Records Nashville recording artist, Jiggley Jones has donated his track, “Christmas 365” to the Spirit of December Vol. 4 charity album.  The Melodic Revolution Records release is scheduled for November 4, 2014.  Their 5th holiday charity release will benefit Habitat For Humanity via Music For Relief.
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Jiggley Wins AC Song Of The Year At 2014 IMEA Awards!

imea 2014 cropMTS Management Group would like to congratulate their artists, Doug Briney, Ed Roman, Jiggley Jones and radio show client, “Whiskey And Cigarettes” on their 2014 International Music and Entertainment Association (IMEA) Awards. Country artist, Doug Briney won his first IMEA Award, for Best Music Video, “Unknown Soldier.” Ed Roman also won his first IMEA Award, for Best Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year.  Jiggley Jones took home his second IMEA Award for Adult Contemporary Song of the Year, “Walk On Me.”  Jones was named Songwriter of the Year at last year’s awards.  “Whiskey and Cigarettes” radio show was named Internet Radio Show of the Year. MTS Management Group also won for Management Company of the Year.  It is their second consecutive win in that category.  The 2nd Annual IMEA Awards took place on Saturday, October 4th, at the Paramount Theater in Ashland, KY.
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Jiggley Featured On CNN’s Website


Jiggley Jones And Ed Roman Featured On Fast Factory Records’ Americana Retrofit Compilation

americana retrofit2Lamon Records recording artist and award-winning singer / songwriter Jiggley Jones and MTS Records recording artist and award-nominated singer / songwriter Ed Roman will be featured in The Americana Retrofit, an upcoming series of alternative rock compilations from Factory Fast Records.
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Former Billboard Magazine Sr. Editor Reviews “Walk On Me”

a-mountain-a-struggle-a-tunnel-a-lightFormer Billboard Magazine Sr. Editor, Chuck Taylor recently reviewed Jiggley’s latest single, “Walk On Me:” “Award-winning Nashville-based singer & songwriter Jiggley Jones offers Americana, Alt Country and acoustic wares that reflect on life, hope, and human nature from the perspective of a man that has been there and lived that. With Top 5 rankings on the Roots Music Report chart; radio success in Europe, Asia and Australia; video views that have fostered more than a quarter of a million views; and live performances across the East Coast, it’s only a matter of time before the Lamon Records Nashville artist gains the critical mass he deserves. Full-length release “A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light” features showcase single “Walk On Me,” a gently percolating melodic tour de force that showcases the tender side of his persona alongside a bold vocal performance that is both heartbreaking and reassuring. With beautiful instrumentation that almost conjures weeping, Jiggley sings: “You walk all over me, It’s nothing new/But I love you, What can I do, what can I do…” It’s a universal message that so many of us have struggled through, delivered here with a true voice of experience. Hitworthy and potent, this is a “Walk” worth hearing.” – Chuck Taylor, Former Billboard Magazine Sr. Editor

Jiggley’s “In Studio” On Penn’s Peak Radio This Wednesday

IMEA NOMINEEThis Wednesday, August 20th at 2pm ET, Eastern Pa-based singer/songwriter, Jiggley Jones will be returning to the airwaves of Penn’s Peak Radio.  This time, he will be LIVE in the studio, with host, Casey.  Jiggley will perform a couple of songs from his latest EP release, …A Mountain, a Struggle, a Tunnel, a Light…, as well as answer questions from listeners.  Tune in LIVE this Wednesday afternoon at Penn’s Peak Radio is located in Jim Thorpe, a renowned resort community and destination nestled in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Penn’s Peak Radio is an Internet radio station broadcasting live 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Its heard world-wide online and throughout Northeastern and east central Pennsylvania via Blue Ridge Communications Cable.

Jiggley Tops CMG Americana Chart!


Jiggley Is Nominated For Two Artists Music Guild Heritage Awards

live at ellasMTS Management Group is happy to announce Jiggley Jones has received two 2014 Artists Music Guild Heritage Awards Nominations. Jones, already an award-winning songwriter, has been nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year and Mainstream Artist of the Year.  The awards ceremony will be held on November 15, 2014, at the AG Convention Center in Monroe, NC.  A live broadcast of the event is also being planned.  Past winners include Stella Parton, Chubby Checker, Barbara Mandrell and Terri Gibbs.
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Jiggley Has Indie Music Digest’s “Pick Of The Week!”

imdThe latest album release from Award-winning Americana singer-songwriter, Jiggley Jones …A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light… is Indie Music Digest‘s “Pick of the Week!” Reviewer Cyrus Rhodes writes: “The songs themselves are addictive, and interesting, complete with passionate and powerful subject matter and lyrical content. Equally as impressive is the vocal presence of Jones as he takes many vocal risks throughout the CD indicating to me a strong, confident vocal ability. Last but not least Jiggley Jones (has) an amazing voice and is an extremely capable songwriter.” Read the entire review at

Jiggley Is Nominated For ICoMA Award!

mts-miniMTS Management Group is very happy to announce their artists received a total of 11 nominations at the 2014 Independent Country Music Association Awards. Amy Rose, Marshall Dane, and Western Avenue were each nominated in multiple categories. Doug Briney, Jiggley Jones, Dj Nik Pizzigoni and his Whiskey and Cigarettes radio show each received nominations. The nominees were announced live on Renegade Radio Nashville, on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. The award winners will be announced at a Nashville ceremony, to be held in September.
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“Walk On Me” Climbs New Music Weekly Chart!

nmw2Jiggley Jones picks up spins and comes in at #79 on the NMW Internet Country chart with his Lamon Records Nashville debut single, “Walk On Me.” Here’s a look at the chart: 77 Brothers Osborne – Rum (EMI) 78 Jon Pardi – What I Can’t Put Down (Capitol Nashville) 79 Jiggley Jones – Walk On Me (Lamon) 80 Graham Murray – Not The Only One (Ind) 81 Jerrod Niemann – Donkey (Arista Nashville)

Historic Vaudeville Theater To Host May 31st Jiggley Jones Album Release Party

live at ellasMTS Management Group and Lamon Records Nashville recording artist, Jiggley Jones are pleased to announce Jiggley’s album release party for …A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light… The event will take place on Saturday, May 31, 2014 at the historic venue, Chaplin’s, located at 66 N. Main Street, Spring City, PA. Doors open at 7pm, with the show starting at 8pm. Advance tickets are available online for $10 and $13.75 (reserved) at Tickets can also be purchased at the door for $12. The first 25 ticket buyers will receive a free copy of Jiggley’s new CD. The venue is BYOB.
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Jiggley Is Home Sweet Country’s Artist Of The Week! Win The New CD!

homesweetcountry2 Win the latest CD from Home Sweet Country’s Artist of the Week, Jiggley Jones. Jiggley’s latest, …A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light… is available on Lamon Records Nashville. Here are the rules to enter: “Do you want to win a copy of Jiggley Jones NEW album “…A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light…”? Follow us (Home Sweet Country) on Twitter and send us a tweet @HS_Country using the #HSCJiggley and we will pick a winner before the end of May! To win, you must be following Home Sweet Country & Jiggley Jones on Twitter.” Read the entire feature and contest rules at

Jiggley Tops International Airplay Chart As New Album Hits Stores!

jiggleyjones aint that alright-cmg200MTS Management Group would like to congratulate Americana singer/songwriter, Jiggley Jones on his Number One CMG Top 200 single, “Ain’t That Alright.” The song tops the chart for weekending May 9, 2014. It is from Jiggley’s self-released 2012 debut EP, No Spring Chicken. “Ain’t That Alright” bested Top 10 releases by Bill Rainey, Larry Vannatta and Keith Bradford, among others.This news comes as Jiggley’s latest album, …A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light… (Lamon Records Nashville) hit stores, earlier this week.
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Jiggley Releases New Album!!!

4PAN1TAmericana singer songwriter Jiggley Jones releases his first album with Lamon Records. “…A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light…” was recorded with Lamon Records at Kingswood Studios in Nashville back in January 2014.

The album showcases Jones’ unique vocal style and poignant lyrics. Standout tracks include the haunting first single, “Walk On Me,” which is doing well on indie radio stations across the globe. “Early Morning Light,” a unabashed love song, has an infectious melody. Jones filmed the music video for “Walk On Me” in Nashville. It centers around a husband waiting around at home for his wife who would rather be out at the bars with her friends.
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Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos Reviews “Walk On Me”

walk on meCelebrated journalist and critic, Markos Papadatos has posted his review of the new Jiggley Jones single, “Walk On Me.” It’s the first release from his new album, A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light. (Lamon Records Nashville) Here’s an excerpt from the review:
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Jiggley Returns To The 360 Magazine “Watch List”

360 magWith the release of his new single, “Walk On Me,” Award-winning singer songwriter, Jiggley Jones returned to the 360 Magazine “Watch List.” Jiggley is being featured on the lifestyle magazine’s facebook page: “Jiggley Jones is sensational. This is one of the most sophisticated musicians we have both seen and heard come through our pipelines. This artist’s limitless talent, marketability and innovation has earned him a solid spot on our #360WatchList.” Read the entire post at
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Jiggley Will Perform Songs From New Album On WBRE TV’s “PA Live”

live at ellasMTS Management Group is happy to announce Americana/alt-country singer-songwriter, Jiggley Jones will be appearing on WBRE TV’s lifestyle-based show, “PA Live.” Jiggley will be their guest on Monday, April 28th at 4pm ET, performing songs from his forthcoming Lamon Records Nashville release, A Mountain, a Struggle, a Tunnel, a Light. The show broadcasts live on WBRE TV in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Check local listings for station channel. Based in Coatesville, PA, Jiggley Jones has performed throughout the region, including at the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, the Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia, The Dewey Beach Music Conference, SS Cape May in New Jersey and the legendary Bitter End in New York City.
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Jiggley Calls New Album With Lamon Records Nashville “Raw” And “Organic”

live at ellasMar. 24, 2014 — Coatesville, PA. — Award-winning Americana/Alt-country singer-songwriter, Jiggley Jones is preparing for the upcoming spring release of his new album, his first with Lamon Records Nashville. Over the weekend, he shared some information about the album on his facebook page: “I’ve heard the pre-mixes of the new record and I have to say the new direction will put me square down the middle of the Americana genre, a great place to be.  Producer Dave Moody has given me that slightly raw, organic sound that really pushes my vocals to the forefront.  The single ‘Walk On Me’ is being released in early April, followed one month later by the entire CD. Fingers crossed, here we go !!”
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Jiggley Is Nominated For Two New Music Awards!

nmw 11MTS Management Group is proud to announce their clients, Amy Rose and Jiggley Jones have been nominated for the 2014 New Music Awards. Amy Rose has been nominated for Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year. Jiggley Jones has received two nominations: AC/Hot AC Breakthrough Artist of the Year and AC/Hot AC New Artist of the Year. MTS Records has also been nominated for Best Country Label. The annual New Music Awards are given for excellence in music to both recording artist and radio stations, by New Music Weekly magazine. First round nominations are submitted by members of the press, radio, music industry and fans, with the top performing nominees being selected for the final ballot. Voting for the winners is underway at 2013 winners included Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Band Perry, Carly Rae Jepsen, One Republic and Mumford & Sons.
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Jiggley Is Interviewed For Musician’s Friend Website!

the hubJiggley Jones was recently interviewed for the Musician’s Friend website blog, The Hub. He was asked a bit about his career and what he looks for when selecting a microphone for live performance. Here is an excerpt from his conversation: THE HUB: Which song do you wish you would have written? JIGGLEY JONES: That would probably be “Old Man” by Neil Young. Find out more by reading the entire article at

Jiggley Signs With Lamon Records Nashville

Jiggley Jones 2MTS Management Group and Americana/Alt-country singer-songwriter, Jiggley Jones are happy to announce Jiggley Jones’ signing with Lamon Records Nashville. Recording for Jones’ first album with the label will begin in January. It will be the follow-up to his 2012 EP, “No Spring Chicken.” As the title of his first release suggests, the Eastern Pennsylvania native has led a long career in the entertainment business: “Lets face it, I’m not 18 anymore, and thank God for that”, says Jones. “I’m no longer coming from a place where I feel I have to ‘fit in.’ I’m coming from a place that is different because that is what I’ve become. No tattoos, no piercings, just music, strong and true, music that paints a picture.” lamon recordsJones, whether alone or a member of various bands, has written well over 100 songs. His experience has taken him through various phases and musical endeavors including soundtrack projects on MTVs “Cindy Crawford’s House of Style” and “Road Rules.”
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Jiggley Wins Songwriter Of The Year At IMEA Awards!

imea 2.1MTS Management Group would like to congratulate their artists, Amy Rose and Jiggley Jones, on their 2013 International Music and Entertainment Association Awards (IMEA.) Canadian country music artist and songwriter, Amy Rose took home top honors in the country category, winning Country Entertainer of the Year. Eastern PA-based Americana singer/songwriter, Jiggley Jones received the award for Songwriter of the Year. MTS Management Group was named Manager of the Year. The inaugural awards ceremony was held Saturday, November 2, 2013 at the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland, KY.
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“No Spring Chicken” Enters Roots Music Report Top 5!

roots top 5A few months back, Americana singer-songwriter JIGGLEY JONES made his debut on the Roots Music Report Americana/Roots Country chart. After an absence on that chart, followed by several successful weeks on the RMR True Country chart, Jiggley’s EP, No Spring Chicken is now on BOTH charts!!! The release makes it’s return to the Americana/Roots chart in the Top 5 at #4, coming in ahead of Johnny Cash, Shooter Jennings, and Willie Nelson. The EP also climbed one spot on the True Country chart to #15, outpacing releases by Stonewall Jackson, Johnny Paycheck, Josh Turner and Mark Chesnutt. To see the full charts, visit Please request “Ain’t That Alright” and other songs from Jiggley’s EP on your favorite Americana, Alt-country and country stations everywhere!

Jiggley Jones Enlists Wife And Kids For “Ain’t That Alright” Music Video, To Be Released Monday

JiggleyJones_zps35f226eaMTS Management Group is proud to announce the release of the new music video from client, Americana/Alt-country Singer-songwriter, JIGGLEY JONES. The video for “Ain’t That Alright” will be released on Monday, July 29, 2013 via Jones’ Youtube channel at The video is the second from Jones’ debut EP, No Spring Chicken. His first, “Baby Blue” has received more than 139,000 Youtube views, since it’s March release.
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Jiggley’s In Guitar Justice Magazine!

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Jiggley On 360 Magazine’s “Watch List”

360magAmericana singer-songwriter, JIGGLEY JONES is being featured on 360 Magazine’s Facebook page. Here’s what the popular lifestyle and fashion magazine had to say, “Jiggley Jones is a storyteller. A hybrid of indie, folk, blues and country. Good production, lyrical content and instrumentation. Light vocals sprinked throughout. An ambient sound that’s great for camping or a peaceful day on the beach. This artist’s unique sound and his ability to be a griot has landed him a spot on our 360 Watch List. Can’t wait to see which direction this artist goes in next?!!”
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Jiggley Is Featured On Splash Magazine

jiggley splashSinger/songwriter, JIGGLEY JONES is being featured on the popular entertainment, lifestyle and culture website, Splash Magazine. The site is highlighting Jiggley’s bio with photos and video footage. Go check out the article at He appears alongside fellow MTS MANAGEMENT GROUP artists, JOSEY MILNER, AMY ROSE, DOUG BRINEY and XANDER DEMOS.
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Jiggley Is Scheduled For July Interview, Performance On Graffiti Radio

graffiti radioIn April, Americana/Alt-country singer-songwriter, Jiggley Jones was named as one of the winners of the 2nd Annual Graffiti Radio Songwriting Contest. As part of his prize, Jones will be interviewed live in the studio on July 1, 2013 at 12 noon ET. He is also scheduled to perform two songs from his No Spring Chicken EP during the interview.
The 2nd Annual Graffiti Radio Songwriting Contest was an online interactive competition. After a month of submissions and voting, the Graffiti listeners chose their top five artists/bands via The other winners were New Shields, The Gamilions, Orange Tiger and RKVC.
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Jiggley Jones Is An “Artist On The Rise” In Nashville Music Guide

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Jiggley On The After Hour Show

after hour showThis week, Jiggley Jones taped a conversation with the After Hour Show, which aired live this Saturday at 9pm ET. The interview is now available on demand at Jiggley and host, Marc Hamel talked about the recent success of his EP, No Spring Chicken, and the inspiration behind his songwriting.
The After Hour Show is not just another boring talk show. On this show There are two hosts Marc Hamel and Tyler Patraw. We share some of the funniest videos on the web and we take pride in finding videos as soon as they are released and spend the whole week deciding which videos are the best to share with our listeners.

Jiggley Joins Amy Rose, Josey Milner, James Otto and Meghan Linsey For CMA Fest Event

cma festMTS Management Group is proud to announce that their artists, Amy Rose, Josey Milner and Jiggley Jones, have joined the lineup for the EAG Entertainment CMA Fest Showcase. The 3-day FREE event will be held June 7-9 at B.B. King’s Blues Club in Nashville. Josey is scheduled to perform at 7pm on Friday, June 7th, followed by Amy at 8pm. Jiggley Jones will perform Saturday, June 8th at 6pm. B.B. King’s is located at 152 2nd Ave. North. For more information, visit
Amy, Josey and Jiggley join a lineup that boasts appearances by James Otto, Meghan Linsey (Steel Magnolia) and a Gretchen Wilson Fan Club Party. Meghan will kick off the event at 3pm on Friday, followed by James Otto at 3:30. A fan meet-and-greet with both artists will follow, at 4pm. Gretchen Wilson’s Fan Club Party will be on Sunday, June 9th, at 3:30pm, with only 200 tickets being available at
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Jiggley Travels Through Time On “Carry On Harry”

jj carry on.jpg-largeLast week, Jiggley Jones stepped into the future, by 12 hours, when he was a guest on the Carry On Harry show, based in Singapore! The time zone difference from Pennsylvania to Singapore is 12 hours, so while Jiggley was enjoying his Monday evening in the states, it was already Tuesday morning in Singapore. Tune in to hear their conversation about Jiggley’s EP, No Spring Chicken and more at

Jiggley Is Among The Winners Of 2nd Annual Graffiti Radio Songwriting Contest

We would like to congratulate Americana/Alt-country singer-songwriter, Jiggley Jones on being among the winners of the 2nd Annual Graffiti Radio Songwriting Contest. He will perform, along with the other winners, at “World Cafe Live at The Queen,” on May 16, 2013. The Queen is located at 500 N. Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801. The show starts at 7pm local time. Admission for the event is $5 at the door.
Jiggley Jones 2The 2nd Annual Graffiti Radio Songwriting Contest is an online interactive competition. After a month of submissions and voting, the Graffiti listeners chose their top five artists/bands via The other winners are New Shields, The Gamilions, Orange Tiger and RKVC.
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Jiggley Partners With Triplestrand Promotions For Euro Radio Campaign

Americana/Alt-country singer-songwriter, Jiggley Jones has hired international radio promotions firm, Triplestrand Promotions to handle his debut single, “Baby Blue” The single, written by Jones, is from his debut EP, “No Spring Chicken.” The album, as a whole, is being promoted by Bill Wence Promotions.
jiggley jones video shootTriplestrand (TSP) will be taking “Baby Blue” to radio stations around the world, including European Country Music Association (ECMA) chart reporting stations throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, as well as stations in North America. Dixie McCorkell of TSP said, “I love Jiggley’s songs! He’s got something for everyone, and should do very well.”
Michael Stover of MTS Management Group, Jones’ management, said, “I’ve worked with Dixie and Triplestrand before, and they are one of the best in the ECMA promotion game. We’ve charted several singles across the European continent with previous artists, and I’m sure Jiggley is going to enjoy similar success.” The single will be available to international radio via the TSP compilation disc, which shipped this past week.
Jiggley Jones is a Philadelphia-area singer-songwriter, His EP, “No Spring Chicken” is currently in the Top 50 of the Roots Music Report Americana chart. His music has appeared in MTV programming, including the Dennis Rodman Show. His video for “Baby Blue” has received more than 40,000 views since it’s early March release. For more information, visit
Triplestrand Promotions is a leader in international radio promotion, having scored countless numbers of ECMA chart hits for their clients. They were honored with the award for ECMA Best Country Sampler in 2005, and have been nominated every year since 2007. For more information on TSP, please visit

Jiggley Is Headed To CMA Fest!

cma festWe are very happy to announce that Jiggley Jones will be heading to Nashville during CMA Fest week, to perform at the legendary B.B. King’s! The three-day showcase event is being presented by EAG Entertainment, and it will run from June 7-9. Jiggley will perform on Saturday, the 8th at 6pm.
This FREE event promises to be one of the best showcases during CMA Fest. For more information, or to inquire about a performance slot, contact EAG Entertainment at We’ll have more details coming soon, including special guest appearance announcements, so stay tuned!

“No Spring Chicken” Adds 5 Stations, Enters Americana Charts

New Front cover“No Spring Chicken,” the debut EP release from our beloved Jiggley, picked up 5 new stations this week, helping him to enter the Americana Music Association’s chart. Jumping on the Jiggley bandwagon are internet station, Country Bear, and terrestrial stations, KPFA in Berkeley, CA and 3 stations owned by KBSU in Boise, ID. This brings the total number of reporting stations to 17 in just the 6th week of reporting for “No Spring Chicken.” The EP places at #406 on the AMA Terrestrial chart, ahead of releases by both Rickie Lee Jones and Townes Van Zandt. The release is #244 on the Internet chart. Please call your favorite radio stations and request the latest from Jiggley Jones.

World Premier Premiere Of “Baby Blue” Music Video Announced!

jiggley jones video shootMTS Management Group and Jiggley Jones are proud to announce the World Premiere date for Jiggley’s new music video, “Baby Blue.” The video will make it’s debut on March 18, 2013 at 8pm ET. It will premiere on Jiggley Jones’ Youtube channel at It will also be posted to his Facebook page at
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“Baby Blue” Is Among Top Radio Downloads

jj airplay directAfter only 1 day of being available on the latest Western Heart Compilation for radio download, “Baby Blue” is the #38 most-downloaded track on radio download site, Airplay Direct. Here’s a partial look at the top downloads:

Bill Wence To Handle Radio Promotion For “No Spring Chicken”

We are happy to announce the hiring of veteran radio promoter, Bill Wence. Mr. Wence will handle radio promotions for Jiggley’s debut EP, “No Spring Chicken” (MTS.) The four-song EP will be promoted to the Americana Music Association and Alternate Root 66 charts.
“We’re thrilled to be working with such a respected promoter, as Bill,” said Jiggley’s manager, Michael Stover of MTS Management Group. “He has had such an amazing career in the music industry. I think Jiggley Jones is in great hands. We look forward to bringing his music on Americana radio stations everywhere.”
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MTS Management Group Signs Alt-Country Singer Songwriter Jiggley Jones

Read the story on Music News Nashville MTS Management Group is happy to announce they have signed Americana/Alt-Country singer/songwriter, Jiggley Jones to an artist management, publicity and promotions contract. MTS will handle all aspects of Mr. Jones’ career, including the promotion for his latest EP, “No Spring Chicken.” A radio campaign and press blitz are in the immediate plans.

“I’m tremendously excited to have Jiggley Jones on the roster,” said MTS Management Group owner, Michael Stover. “Jiggley has that one-of-a-kind sound that I look for in an artist. His songs will touch you and move you with their beautiful lyrics and melodic strength.

Americana radio is going to eat this guy up, and I can’t wait to start the feast!”

Jiggley Jones is a veteran of the music industry, with more than 100 songs written. Based in eastern Pennsylvania, he has performed at CBGB’s in New York, Chesnut Cabaret in Philadelphia, The Woodbine Inn in New Jersey, and others. As a member of the band, Q, Jones was involved with soundtracks for shows on MTV, as well as the AON Films release, “Tainted Love.” “No Spring Chicken” was produced by Chris Tristram (John Fordham, Chris Clemons.) It was released in late 2012.

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