“Hang tight for Jiggley Jones’ next release coming later this summer 2016, a self produced album featuring twelve new tracks.”

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      “Full length release “A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light” features showcase single “Walk On Me,” a gently percolating tour de force that showcases the tender side of his persona alongside a bold vocal performance that is both heartbreaking and reassuring… Hitworthy and potent, this is a “Walk” worth hearing.”

          – Chuck Taylor, former Billboard Magazine Sr. Editor –


      “Jones represents an old school/fresh new voice in modern rock and pres…

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The Artist

“His songwriting is relevant and fresh, and he has a vocal style all his own,” says Grammy nominated Nashville producer and label president Dave Moody. Reiterating that same sentiment former manager Michael Stover once mentioned that “Jiggley has that one-of-a-kind sound…his songs will touch you and move you with their beautiful lyrics and melodic strength.”


Folk Rock/Americana singer/songwriter Jiggley Jones , the project, came about in late 2007. Since then, while developing his new venture, he has worked with industry pros like producer Dave Moody and Lamon Records Nashville, former Shania Twain bandleader and Nashville based producer Terry Wendt, premier public relations representative Michael Stover and MTS Management Group, and LA based musician/producer Chris Tristram, a former Capitol Records recording artist and current bassist with Jack Russell’s Great White.


With the production help of Tristram, Jones put together his debut release, an EP titled “No Spring Chicken” in the fall of 2012. This four song gem was recorded separately in rural Pennsylvania and Los Angeles. With the help of Michael Stover at MTS Management Group, which Jones signed with in early 2013, the release really made a splash. Briefly showing on the AMA charts, and for an eight month period on the Roots Music Report charts, where he gained Top 5 spots in two different categories, the album…. [ – more – ]



The New Record

The new record starts off with the single “Walk On Me,” a melodic and slightly melancholy tune that deals with the difficulties of forgiveness and then switches completely around with a nice mellow “jazzy” number called “Look What I Found”, a love song that focuses on the idea of lucking out and finding that person who you consider a “diamond in the ruff.”


The third song is a powerful melodic metaphor about being ship wrecked on a deserted island (which actually represents a person’s life) and up washes a bottle with a note in it that is a message of hope. “Hope In A Bottle” is a song that sticks with you and makes you want to come back for more. Quickly afterwards the music jumps into the song “Nothing So Natural” with an infectious beat that carries the whole way through. There is nothing more natural then a parent’s love for their children.


The fifth track is an acoustic number called “Early Morning Light” which deals with the fear of losing a love during those times when things might be getting a little stale. The album finishes out with a strong, upbeat tune called “Man On The Run” with the line … hey, tell me who’s the man… bringing out that positive, forward moving lifestyle that keeps things going in the right direction.