AeschTunes Reviews “No Spring Chicken”

New Front coverLesley Aeschliman recently reviewed No Spring Chicken, the debut EP from Americana singer-songwriter, Jiggley Jones. Admittedly not a fan of the genre, Aeschliman writes, “The one thing that really stood out to me about these tracks is the fact that Jones’ vocals kind of had a Tom Petty-like texture to them…From hearing No Spring Chicken, I can tell that Jones has talent and experience in the music business.” Read the entire review at

AeschTunes is a blog dedicated to covering independent artists and alternative music. AeschTunes is maintained by freelance writer Lesley Aeschliman. Lesley graduated from Eastern Washington University in 1996 with a B.A. in Radio-Television (and she also had some experience in college radio). Lesley is also a former Internet radio broadcaster. As a freelance writer, Lesley maintains a manga and anime blog called Lesley’s Musings… on Manga & Anime and has had work published in’s “Sixty Minute Manga” feature.

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