The Ricky Lee Potts Interview

ricky lee pottsAmericana singer/songwriter, Jiggley Jones was recently interviewed by freelance writer, designer and author, Ricky Lee Potts. Ricky begins by saying, “I love country music. Not the crap that is on the radio, but the stuff that comes from the heart. Country music is about the lyrics and about how I can relate to the stories being told. That is what this guy does… He writes great lyrics and tells a story in every song he sings. I was first introduced to him earlier this year, and have watching him have quite the successful 2013.” Read their conversation at, is “a lifestyle blog that focuses on electronic dance music, golf, travel, and all the things that interest me. I choose to add all of my content to one place rather than split them up. It makes more sense to me to have all my thoughts in one place. Consider this my online journal that I fill with whatever interests me.”

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