The Nashville Examiner Interview

live at ellasDonna Nolan Wilson, Nashville Nightlife Events Examiner, recently interviewed Lamon Records Nashville recording artist, Jiggley Jones. Here’s an excerpt from their intimate conversation:

Q Do you usually let anybody know anything about your personal life? You said you have the little guy with you and you were waiting for your wife to get home so you are obviously married?

A Right, I don’t really post a lot of pictures of them on Facebook or anything but I have included them in some of my videos and a couple of my songs are actually about them and I tell people that so yeah, I do bring them up here and there.

Q So you do admit to being married and being a parent?


A Yes.

Q Believe it or not there are some people that don’t.

A I can believe that. I am sort of doing the all natural thing this time around, you know?

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