The Evolution Of A Fan Interview

jiggley jones video shootAmericana singer-songwriter Jiggley Jones recently spoke with K.W. Harrell for the music site, Evolution of a Fan. Here’s an excerpt from their conversation:

Evolution of a Fan: How did your upbringing affect the type of musician you are today? What kind of music were you exposed to at an early age?

Jiggley Jones: “I only dabbled in music when I was really young, singing at church and playing the clarinet in elementary school. It wasn’t until my later teens that I started to get serious about my love for music. I think the radio was my main influence musically when young and as I got older and bought my own albums I was finally able to branch out a bit.”

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According to the Evolution of a Fan website, “This page started as a creative outlet that has brought me to places I never imagined. The music is the foundation and everything else is built up from there. As I am exposed to more music experiences, my thoughts and emotions evolve. Music is the driving force–the experience of music can cause shifts in the world that are both subtle and profound. These are the qualities of music that I love, appreciate, and want to share with YOU.”

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