The Country Fed Interview

country fed imagePopular country music site, COUNTRY FED recently interviewed Americana singer/songwriter,Jiggley Jones. Here’s a quick excerpt:

COUNTRY FED: What does your creative process consist of when making new music?
JIGGLEY JONES: Usually, but not always, it starts with some sort of acoustic guitar progression followed by a vocal melody laid over that progression. There are no lyrics yet, just a “scat” vocal melody and sometimes some harmonies to go with that. Once I have this musical movement of sorts I’ll listen to it and decide how it moves me and then base my lyrics on that feeling. At that point I’ll record all of that and work with it until I feel it’s ready for the other instruments.

Find out which artist is on top of Jiggley’s “To Meet” list, and more, by reading the entire interview at

Country Fed was established with the intention of providing people with the chance to hear the latest and greatest country music, generally before songs are released. This is the first site providing live and recorded country music, largely brand new, helping gain exposure for the artists as well as country music fans to hear what might be on their radio in the near future.

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