The Beyond The Dawn Interview

live at ellasBeyond The Dawn Radio recently interviewed award-winning Americana singer/songwriter, Jiggley Jones, and the transcription is now available on their website.  Here’s an excerpt:

How does Jiggley start out his writing process? How many songs would you say you have setting up on a self? Do you ever pull lyrics from unfinished songs and place them into another song? How do you know when a song is complete?

Jiggley Jones :  I usually start a song on the acoustic guitar and work a vocal melody around that. I’ll put the lyrics into it last, using the music to inspire the words. Heck one song on my new record went through about 4 completely different versions before I settled on the final one. In the long run it’s all about what sounds best to your ear. After the first three versions of the song I just wasn’t sold on it. They were good, but I knew the guitar mood that I was setting had lots of potential and I wasn’t gonna quit until I had something that was worth all the hard work. That song became “Early Morning Light” and I’m very happy with the final version.

What is your favorite song off of your “No Spring Chicken” EP? How long did it take to put your EP together? What is your first song on your EP and why did you choose that song to be the first one?

Jiggley Jones : Believe it or not there is a Christmas song (Christmas 365) that I wrote on there that I like the best. The EP took about six months to record just because of the difficulty getting everybody scheduled that played on it. Some of the stuff was recorded in LA along with the final mix and mastering. The song “Baby Blue” is the first on the record and I choose that one because it seemed to be the song with the most potential “mass” appeal. Since this was an independent release, I figured that I’d only get one chance to draw in the listener so I picked the one that would hit that note with the most listeners. I’m not sure if I was right about that or not.

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