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pure country digestJiggley was recently interviewed by Pure Country Digest, and that interview just posted to their website. Here’s an excerpt:

PCD: What was one of the funniest things that has happened to you on tour?

JJ: Spending the night in an actual “flea bag” motel in upstate New York with bandmates. For some reason I was the only one that wasn’t getting bit buy those little buggers. I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. I guess that was funny for me but not for the rest of the band.

Find out Jiggley’s favorite song on his EP, No Spring Chicken and more at

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pure country digestBrand new country music website, Pure Country Digest is featuring Jiggley in their “Ones To Watch” section. His image is featured on the site’s home page, too. We’d like to thank the staff at PCD and invite you to check out this hot new site at

Pure Country Digest is “an E-Magazine that will bring subscribers exclusive interviews with up and comers and the world’s top artists of country music. We will focus on asking them the questions you really want the answers to. How did they begin their career? What did it take to make it? Who has helped them along the way? In addition each artist discusses their vision, goals and techniques.”

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