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vocalsAmericana singer/songwriter and 2-time New Music Award nominee, Jiggley Jones recently spoke with Got Interviews about the recording of his latest album and more. Here’s an excerpt:

Got Interviews: There are some people who aren’t exactly up to date on the definitions of all musical genres, can you explain what Americana music is? And what difference it has with mainstream country music?

Jiggley Jones: I wouldn’t say that Americana is directly related to Country music any more then it’s directly related to Folk or Blue Grass etc… But if you created music that was heavily influenced by those genres, but headed in it’s own direction, you might be considered Americana. That kind of music has been around forever but there was never a specific genre that encompassed it. Now there is and thanks to bands like “Mumford and Sons” and “The Lumineers” etc… Americana is now a viable genre.

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