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live at the nail 2On Friday, September 20, 2013, Americana/Alt-country singer-songwriter, Jiggley Jones performed at the Dewey Beach Music Conference. In what he refers to as a “Roadhouse” moment, referring to the Patrick Swayze cult-favorite movie, a fight broke out during his midnight showcase. Like a true professional, the 2013 International Music and Entertainment Association award nominee didn’t skip a beat:

“In the middle of my performance a fight broke out, literally, right on top of me. I kept on playing as the malay bumped into my monitor and moved from side to side, but I kept on playing. After the scrum moved out the door, with bouncers in tow, the remaining crowd and I had quite the laugh. I got so many compliments about how I kept the music going the whole time. I commented that I felt like Jeff Healy in the movie “Roadhouse”. A DJ from the radio station WSTW 93.7 in Wilmington, Mark Rogers was there, and we had a conversation about it. He said he’d never forget that, and how the music didn’t stop even though I was right in the middle of it. Had to be there!” Continue reading Jiggley Plays On During “Roadhouse Moment” At Dewey Beach Music Conference

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