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coatesville timesJiggley’s hometown newspaper, The Coatesville Times recently printed a story about Jiggley’s Graffiti Radio Songwriting Contest win. Kathlean Shea writes, “A Coatesville singer-songwriter apparently hit a chord with listeners with a song about a guy who thinks he loves a girl he met once, and after chasing her all over in his mind, he meets another girl and the process repeats itself.” Read the entire article at

The Coatesville Times is a new venture in local news and launched in January, 2012. Our sister site, The Unionville Times, ( which launched in Oct., 2010 is already the fastest growing news source in Chester County and no. 1 in southern Chester County among local news sites in traffic, according to Another sister site, The Kennett Times ( launched in June, 2011 and is already growing rapidly.

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