Jiggley Guests On Ken Pettigrew Show This Thursday

ken pettigrewJiggley Jones continues his series of press interviews with a guest appearance on the Ken Pettigrew Show. The interview will be broadcast LIVE on www.kenpettigrew.com this Thursday at 11:30 pm ET, and listeners are encouraged to call in. The Ken Pettigrew show is an eye-opening shot of truth mixed with adrenaline. As Ken says, “No coffee needed! More stimulating than an energy drink.” Ken Pettigrew, a Southern California native, believes in a “No BS” presentation of “What pisses you off” without political correctness and without the judgement of others – simply the truth. With over 80,000 followers on twitter and close to 2,000 fans on his facebook page in addition to having 100,000 listeners at blog talk radio, Pettigrew is just starting to infiltrate the airwaves with his own brand of punchy humor. So, tune in for what promises to be an eye-opening night of radio!

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