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    • Jiggley Guests On DTM Wicked Radio This Wednesday

      Americana singer/songwriter Jiggley Jones is back on the interview trail with an interview on DTM Wicked Radio, this Wednesday. At 8pm ET, Jiggley will call in for an interview, airing on the LA-based Xsite Radio. Find out about Jiggley’s upcoming new album, and tour plans. Tune in live at http://xsiteradio.com/ and http://www.dtmwickedradio.com/listen.html.

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The Artist

When speaking about his artist, label president Dave Moody states that, “his songwriting is relevant and fresh, and he has a vocal style all his own.” Reiterating that same sentiment manager Michael Stover continues by saying “Jiggley has that one-of-a-kind sound…his songs will touch you and move you with their beautiful lyrics and melodic strength.” Two great descriptions that encompass the musical attitude of his Lamon Records Nashville debut release titled “A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light.”


Let’s not let the word “debut” fool you though. Just like the title of his 4 song independent EP release, “No Spring Chicken”, Jiggley himself has lived. “Lets face it, I’m not 18 anymore and thank God for that”, says Jones. “I’m no longer coming from a place that I have to in order to fit in, I’m coming from a place that is different because that is what I’ve become. No tattoos, no piercings, just music, strong and true, music that paints a picture.”


However you want to look at this picture, whether it’s Americana, Alt Country, or acoustic whatever, this artist represents life, hope, and human nature as only a seasoned person can see it. When asked, Jones firmly states that “however you want to package this or whatever genre you want to place me into, the bottom line is that I am a singer/songwriter first and foremost, everything else can fall where it may. This is simple, it’s about writing songs that mean something.”


Jiggley Jones, the project, came about in late 2007. Since then, while developing his new venture, he has worked with industry pros like former Shania Twain bandleader and Nashville based producer Terry Wendt, and LA based producer Chris Tristram, a former bassist for Capitol Records recording artist Marjorie Fair.


In early 2013 he stumbled across, won over, and signed with MTS Management Group out of western Pa. Since then it’s been nothing but positive forward motion. Some of the successes since then have been quite satisfying such as being named “Songwriter of the Year” by the International Music and Entertainment Association or “IMEA”, as well as winning a songwriting competition for Graffiti Radio out of Wilmington, De. in May of that year.


Jiggley has had consistent radio airplay overseas in Europe, Asia and Australia, having hundreds of stations a week spin his music for many months straight. His internet radio success has been equally successful gaining and holding Top 5 spots in two separate categories on the Roots Music Report charts. His videos have gained over a quarter of a million views to date and his live performances have taken him from New York, to Philadelphia, to Virginia, and down to Nashville where he performed at BB King’s during the CMA Festival. He’s played the legendary Bitter End in NYC, the fabulous World Café in Wilmington, De. and the renowned South Street region of Philadelphia to mention a few. His song “Baby Blue” from his independent release has also been picked up by one of the premier karaoke brokers.


With these successes fresh on his mind, strong management and a new record label behind him, Jiggley Jones is poised to move to the next level and beyond. Keep your eyes open for his new release coming sometime in the spring of this year.



No Spring Chicken

Song Lyrics

Baby Blue

Why are there skies of blue, why are all the flowers beautiful
How are you able to amaze me not even knowing who I am to you

Water moves
Taking a path that leads it where it needs to follow through
As long as you laugh and stay true
Then your life will flow as the rivers do

My arms will surround you
Nothing’s in your way, always remember
This takes my breath away
Just look at you, little wonder in a bundle

Water moves…

Miracles, they come around
Magic clouds bring the rain on down
Rivers flow
My baby blue, life has, it has a way to start… anew

Water moves…


…life will, life will, life will take ahold

Welcome Home

Where have you been, welcome home, man how you’ve grown
What have you seen, how time’s flown, come on over here…

Hang your hat and your coat right there
Man let me tell ya bout answered prayer
Alright I’m puttin’ the coffee on
Sit and we’ll hang till the coming dawn

Well you’re more then welcome to stay
Welcome home out of the rain…
I was afraid that I’d never see you again

Throughout one’s life when you roam, there’s no place like home
Remember that smell, remember that tone, one could close his eyes…

Where’s the fella that lived next door
We used to run to the general store
Life was so simple compared to now
Go home and bring it all back somehow…

…my friend welcome home
welcome home


Ain’t That Alright
Where are, where are you right now
I just wonder, where are you

Well ain’t that alright, ain’t that just fine
Really it’s only when I think about you
Think of that night, ain’t that alright, alright

Just the other day I thought about the time we had
I see your face shining through the winds of time
So what today, the sacred try, the wall, the way?
Could really use the sound of good advice

Where are you…

Well ain’t that alright…

I think you left a hole a mile wide
I climb the walls and hope to see the ocean tide
You let time and how I feel go by the way?
I hope to somehow get through the day

Where are you…

Well ain’t that alright, ain’t that just fine
Really you took my heart and ran away…
Well that’s yesterday, you know what they say…
Live for today…


Christmas 365

Bring the bottle of Perignon, I have the mistletoe…

Everyone that I know, gathering and riding that Christmas day flow
Yeah we’re rockin’ that once a year festival

Those special times me and you
Wonderful feelings are true
Waving a flag call the truce
Willing to set aside all our foolish pride

Sugar plum, rum bum bum of a drummer boy
Memories, candy canes and Christmas trees
Silent night, star of Bethlehem and family

Laughing out louder then ya really know how
Find a comfortable spot the cider is hot
Never better wow, then right now

Well would ya change it if ya could
What if life was that good
Something to think about awhile
Why can’t this feeling last all year round

Sugar plum…