Jiggley Jones – Truth Seeker

Heather Savage – March 24, 2018 – Music Reviews, Single

“Truth Seeker” is new single and video from Americana/country singer and musician Jiggley Jones. Jones released his first EP No Spring Chicken in the fall of 2012. Recorded in parts of small town Pennsylvania as well as Los Angeles, he relocated his operation for his 2014 breakthrough release A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light which garnered additional and valuable exposure thanks to the song “Baby Blue” becoming available for karaoke and gaining him excellent press and a spot on 2014’s Top 100 Americana Records of the Year. Signed to Lamon Records and helmed in the control room by Dave Moody the EP was an underground smash that has set the stage for his debut LP, Not Your Typical Day Out.

While the impending release of the album continues to keep music fans on the edge, “Truth Seeker” will not only spark your attention as the lead-off single but will also captivate music fans with its instantly infectious charm. Featuring grand, layered instrumentation that revolves only around acoustic guitar, cello and viola, Jones’ intoxicating and enchanting voice weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of powerful vocal melodies, free-form phrasings and subtle but neatly combed harmony work. Jiggley chose to produce this one himself and he does a great job on the recording with additional mixing help from the legendary Phil Nicolo, this track is a picture perfect snapshot of what Not Your Typical Day Out will have to offer. The verses wrestle with a bit of a lyrical struggle in which the main character is wandering and roaming to find the answers to life but in the end things get straightened out and they are able to come to some peace over the process of life. It’s a literal hero’s journey with a happy ending for those that never give up, brought to life by the poignant playing, production and composition of Jiggley Jones himself.

The video stars a young woman who appears marooned in the woods and trying to find a way out frantically looking for clues on the crumbled pieces of paper that she carries with her. She sojourns the wilderness, the outskirts of an industrial city wasteland and the town itself before ending up back where she started. It is here at the beginning that she founds out the truth was where she began all along and she revels in happiness as the video comes to a close. The concept, execution and photography are unique with multiple metaphors; the entire search seeming to mimic the course of life itself…beginning/birth, confusion/chaos/the hero’s quest/discovery/peace/end and death. This is a wonderful piece of work and you really feel for the character as her story moves along at a brisk and ever-changing pace.

“Truth Seeker” is a fantastic musical piece with an excellent accompanying video. There is meaning in both outlets to be found and it’s why this entire pairing comes off as vivid and vital in today’s musical climate (where things are too quickly becoming easy come and easy go). Jiggley Jones will be around a long, long time to come and have a wonderfully successful career. Just wait and see!

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